Lil BUB and Assisi Animal Health Discuss Recognizing Pain in Your Cat

Pain in cats is often overlooked because of age-old myths that are ultimately false. No, cats do not always land on their feet, and no, they definitely do not have nine lives. If you're a cat owner, you know it's difficult to tell when your furry friend is suffering. Like their lion and tiger cousins in the wild, cats are notorious for hiding pain to camouflage their weakness in front of other predatory animals. With this in mind, you must pay attention to your kitty's behavior to ensure that he or she is in good health.

Some signs of discomfort in cats include a reluctance to move, change in mood, loss of appetite and a change in grooming habits. Lil BUB is well aware of these signs due to her health issues. Although she was very mobile as a kitten, shortly after her first birthday Lil BUB was unable to walk and only moved when she absolutely had to - by pushing herself along with her back legs, while her front legs were pinned to her chest. Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, took her to a specialist which is where she was diagnosed with a very rare bone condition called osteopetrosis, which the vet considered to be untreatable, and would likely get worse in a very short amount of time, potentially preventing her from being able to move or eat.

After trying multiple therapies and medications, Lil BUB was feeling a "lil" better but was still having issues with mobility. While attending a meet-and-greet at a showing of her film, Lil BUB and Friendz, Lil BUB was still not feeling her best. After the event, an anonymous hero, later identified as Libby Waterbury, emailed Mike and told him to investigate the Assisi Loop. Lil BUB's veterinarian, Dr. Woodruff researched the Loop and tPEMF™ therapy and decided to give it a try.

At first, Lil BUB experienced twitching and uncontrollable kicking, which are side effects that occur when tissues haven't had blood flow in a long time. Within a week, the side effects almost fully diminished and soon after that, she went from being unable to walk to jumping up stairs twice her size! The Assisi Loop helped Lil BUB to get back to her old self; she is the healthiest and happiest that she has been since she was a kitten.

If your cat is experiencing discomfort, it is vital to consult your veterinarian before deciding on a course of action. Felines are extremely sensitive creatures and frequently drug intolerant, so you must be aware of what you are putting in their bodies. Factors such as too much dairy in their diet or small doses of medications can lead to discomfort. Cats do not have the liver enzymes to break down aspirin, so giving it to them can aggravate their sensitivity. If your cat is ever experiencing pain, ask your veterinarian about the Assisi Loop.

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